This a 10.83 kW system on the west side of Evansville, IN, consisting of 38 SolarWorld 285 Watt solar panels. There is a power optimizer on the back of each panel that regulates the voltage and minimizes the effects of shading on any part of the array. The inverter is a SolarEdge SE10000A-US. This array will produce approximately 14,300 kWh annually and will still be under warranty when the little girl in the pictures turns 30. 


This system was installed for a commercial farm in Birdseye, IN. This is a 58.5 kW system with 180 Hanwha Q-CELLS 325 Watt solar panels and SolarEdge inverters and optimizers. It will produce around 76,500 kWh annually and will offset about one third of this farm's total usage.


This is part of the Bloomington Neighborhood Solar Initiative. This group buy project was organized and sponsored by SIREN (Solar Indiana Renewable Energy Network), ICEY (Interfaith Community of Environmentalist Youth), and Bloomington Earth Care. Whole Sun Designs Inc. was selected from among eight companies to work with homeowners in the Elm Heights neighborhood of Bloomington, IN, to install a group of solar arrays and provide a bulk discount to those customers. Amanda, our Sales Engineer, performed over thirty site surveys and signed eighteen projects with this initiative, totaling over 87 kW of capacity. These installations began in October 2016 and will continue through the spring of 2017 as homeowners replace roofs and prepare their sites. Each solar array was tailored for the site and the needs of each home, but each incorporates SolarWorld solar panels and SolarEdge inverters and optimizers.


This ground mount array was installed in Martinsville, IN. This is a battery back-up system, meaning it is tied to the grid but also incorporates batteries that are put into use during power outages. When the grid goes down, solar power is normally unavailable because inverters have to see power coming in so they can match the frequency of the alternating current. With a battery back-up system, power can instead be drawn from the battery bank while solar recharges the batteries. This system consists of 36 SolarWorld 295 Watt solar panels with an Outback Power inverters/charge controllers unit, and 12 12-Volt lead acid batteries. This system will produce around 14,300 kWh annually.


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